Coaching services

Barristers must always be ready to adapt and manage change – never more so than in times of great uncertainty.  An ability to identify and seize opportunities is more critical than ever. Whilst it can be intimidating taking the leap to progress your career, you don’t have to do it alone. Coaching services exist to assist barrister’s in preparing for the application and interview stages when applying for QC, judicial appointments and other progressive positions. The aim of coaching is to assist candidates in reaching their career progression goals, by helping you to focus on your strengths through interview techniques and exercises. 

Resilience and continuing to perform through intense personal and professional challenge is key.  Coaching can play a valuable role in helping members of the Bar to develop career direction and accelerate the achievement of professional goals.  

Whether you are an individual barrister managing your own career success, or you are responsible for leading and growing Chambers, one-to-one coaching can stimulate and support you or your colleagues, in identifying and implementing necessary change.

Two women sat at a table as part of a coaching session

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